"Unlimited Power"
Success Strategies for Thriving at Work and Life
2-3 Day Program

Success today isn't just a matter of having smart people or better technology; it's a matter of having a team of passionate, highly motivated and powerful people in every position. To be competitive your people must produce results despite the constant changes of a global marketplace, or dramatic shifts in the way work is done.

Unlimited Power is the cornerstone of Anthony Robbins' powerful performance enhancement strategies. This program trains your team to increase their levels of performance, confidence and personal fulfillment by using the mental and physiological strategies used by Olympic athletes, elite military units and outstanding achievers in business, industry and entertainment to see, feel and experience success before it happens.

The Unlimited Power program will empower your team to achieve extraordinary results.

First, you will learn how to break through any fears that may be holding you back (including those that are unconscious).

Second, you will learn how to apply specific proven strategies for creating momentum in your organization and your life - so that things that seem difficult now become effortless over time.

Third, you will learn powerful communication skills and the key principles of "team," modeled after the most elite teams in the world.

You and your team will learn:

  • To instantly place yourself in peak emotional, mental and physical states
  • How to develop absolute confidence and internal certainty that you can break through any limitations and take action
  • The keys to a successful organization – building a powerful team
  • The seven disciplines of professional performance and personal fulfillment
  • Simple, powerful communication tools that will elevate you in your ability to listen, to clearly and effectively communicate your ideas and to positively impact and influence those around you
  • How to create a “Reality Bridge” to resolve conflicts and reach solutions to "upsets” that are typically a result of misinterpretations and how to turn resistance into assistance
  • Identify and learn to utilize empowering strategies to design your goals
  • Learn how to motivate yourself or anyone else
  • Overcome and replace limiting fears and beliefs while transforming self-sabotage into unlimited inner strength
  • Learn to interrupt your limiting patterns and habits using Neuro-Associative Conditioning and create new alternatives that condition you for lifelong happiness and success

"The Power to Influence"
The Psychology of Sales Mastery
3 Day Program

One of the biggest challenges for sales people is they know what to say, but they don't know why they say it. They don't understand the psychology behind what they are trying to accomplish in the sales process. They fail to identify client's implicit needs and build up the perceived value of their product or service.

Additionally, most sales people are ineffective because they are not able to consistently persuade themselves to do the necessary things to create long-term success. They don't have compelling goals to consistently keep themselves on track. They fail to manage their own emotional states and therefore experience mood swings and decreased performance. They are often limited by their fears and by their resistance to change.

The Power to Influence is the only three day program that conditions your sales people for success and provides them with the sales process and strategies used by top income earners and sales forces throughout the world.

First, your sales people will learn performance enhancement strategies so that they have absolute confidence and certainty to break through any limitations and consistently perform at their best.

Second, they will learn the psychology of why people buy and learn the most powerful strategies of influence and persuasion that have been modeled from the top income producers in industries worldwide, to the most sophisticated agents of the CIA.

Third, they will learn to use these skills within a proven, duplicatable sales process ("The Ten Steps to Sales Mastery") that will help them easily and consistently produce results.

You and your team will learn:

  • The Science of Persuasion - Why Your Customers Buy
  • The Nine Master Tools of Influence
  • Creating "Inner Pressure" to Buy
  • The Unlimited Power of Belief - Developing Compelling Reasons to Excel
  • The Difference Between Success and Failure
  • The Ten Steps to Sales Mastery
    • The Science of Persuasion - Why Your Customers Buy
    • Preparation: Find Everything You Need to Know About Your Prospects
    • How to Access and Maintain Your Highest & Most Powerful Selling State
    • How to Make Contact Any Time, Anywhere
    • How to Establish the Deepest Levels of Rapport
    • How to Instantly Create Interest in What You Are Selling
    • Questions to Qualify the Buyer
    • Probing for Problems
    • Buyer Values Elicitation
    • Buyer Strategies Patterns
    • Creating Conviction and Converting Objections into Commitments
    • Making the Purchase Easy and Create a Future Relationship

Turning Fear into Power
1 Day Program

In an ever-changing marketplace your people are your real competitive advantage. How can you help them now to ensure that they will not simply survive, but thrive? "Breakthrough!" is our amazing "lightening bolt" motivational seminar that electrifies participants to breakthrough fear, doubt and anything else that might be holding them back from performing at their best. In this awe-inspiring seminar you and your team will learn how to:
  • Transform fears into power
  • Take more action in life
  • Increase personal and professional success
  • Implement the "science" of personal motivation
  • Create leverage to "Super-Charge" and immediately accomplish any goal
  • Unleash your personal power
  • And much more!
You’ll not only learn the key communication skills, beliefs and physiology of successful people, you’ll practice these techniques and install these beliefs and powerful patterns of physiology on the deepest levels. These skills have been used by people and organizations around the world to transform challenges into outstanding results. They can help your company transform as well! You and your team will learn:
  • Strategies to master your emotional states and maintain your momentum
  • How to develop and leverage your hidden assets to accomplish any goal quickly and effectively while enjoying the process
  • How to consistently expand your "comfort zone" by identifying and transforming doubts, fears and limiting beliefs into powerful patterns that support the achievement of your top goals and objectives
  • Instantaneously transform fears into action through an unforgettable empowering experience
"Breakthrough!" is the first step toward creating WORLD-CLASS RESULTS

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