Team Building
Leadership and Team Building
One Day Program

Synergy is a corporate program designed to elevate teamwork and the cooperative spirit of any group to incredible new heights.

This interactive seminar works on both emotional and analytical levels to ingrain the foundational principles of true team synergy in every individual and the group as a whole.

What would happen to the strength of your organization if all associates were totally committed and energized to your mission on a daily basis? What impact would this have on customer satisfaction? Employee satisfaction? Your bottom line?

Synergy is your opportunity to have staff operating at a level "10" every day! You choose which area to improve, enhance develop or bring into your team's awareness, and we will customize an experiential program to achieve your results.

Choose an area:

Communication Skills
Leadership Development
Identify and Overcome Challenges and Barriers
Exploring Strengths and Weaknesses
Respecting Differences
Shared Understanding
Goals and Values Clarification
Creative Problem Solving
Decision Making
Awareness of Self and Others
Exploration of Roles
Present Level of Team Performance
Acknowledging Self and Others
Celebrating Successes
Taking Responsibility
Learning From Failures

Choose Results:

  • Team focused and united on corporate goals and mission.
  • Creating a corporate culture supported by effective communication, motivation and trust.
  • A shift in the collective mindset of your organization from "willingness" to "eagerness" in supporting each other 100% as team mates.
  • Creating a feeling of reward and appreciation among employees because you have provided them with skills that will affect both their professional and personal life.
  • Developing a proactive, solution - oriented team.
  • Discovering and understanding what truly works by identifying problems at their root cause.

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