Public Seminar Testimonials

Over the past three years I have worked with you, initially as a student of your two programs, "The Power To Influence" Sales Mastery Course and "The Unlimited Power Weekend" Peak Performance Program, and then ultimately as an executive coaching client. . . Being in the life insurance industry I have moved into the top 1% of all producers by having my average size client increase from a net worth of $750,000 to just under $8 million. During these three short years my income has grown 500% from the year before we started - growth not common for my industry.

Ron Rubin
American Business & Professional Program, Inc., N.Y.C.
Power to Influence & Unlimited Power Weekend Graduate

"I first took "Power to Influence" in November 2000, and at that time I was not working. . . At PTI, I set five 1-year goals for myself, one of which was to find my perfect work situation. I created laser-beam focus on what I wanted and began my job search.

Within six weeks I had seven interviews, seven offers and signed a contract with a company that I thought provided me with everything I was looking to achieve. A week before I started my new job, my new company's competitor called me in for an interview. . . I left their offices with my 8th job offer. The best part about it was that they offered me $20,000 more in base salary, not to mention a much more lucrative commission package.

Thanks to you and your staff for doing the great job that you do. You truly make a difference in the lives of those you touch."

Beth Anne Susi
Power to Influence Graduate

"Bob, you told me that I would change by going through the "Unlimited Power Weekend". And I believed you. As I moved through the process, I felt myself changing. But to be honest, when I walked out the door at the end, a little voice within me (it was soft but it was there) said, 'Cindy, you're going to wake up tomorrow morning, and it'll be the same old Cindy. Nothing will have changed.' But when I woke up that next morning, and every morning since, it's been the new me that I look at in the mirror. And I can't even get back into the old emotional space I used to live in."

Cindy O'Dell
Unlimited Power Weekend Graduate

"My dream in life was to start my own private practice in physical therapy. But I was procrastinating for a long time for all the obvious reasons - fear of failure, I didn't have the ability to do it, lack of financial support, etc. I attended your Breakthrough program in June and then the UPW in October. . .I started my private practice a month later. . . I want to thank you and your organization for giving me that kick-start. Things will only get better for me from now on."

Monica Joshi
Unlimited Power Weekend Graduate

"I have attended prior Lifespring and EST and had concerns about being caught and spotlighted doing my stuff. Your non-confrontational style was what I needed for some breakthroughs."

John Boverie
Unlimited Power Weekend Graduate

"How can I get more descriptive than 'changed my life!' The thoughts, feelings and changes I experienced went way beyond anything I could have imagined. To walk away from this experience without an incredible amount of growth would be impossible!"

Jeff Coulter
Unlimited Power Weekend Graduate

"One word - FANTASTIC! More than expected. Very happy I made the decision to be here. Everyone should try one. I thank Bob & Tony Robbins. My life is on the upward swing. Thank you."

Joyce White
Breakthrough Graduate

"My sincere thanks to Bob and the team. I look forward to attending another Unlimited Power Weekend as soon as I possibly can. . .As a result of the training and the encounters that I had during the Unlimited Power Weekend I no longer feel a sense of despair or powerlessness. . .the help that the Unlimited Success Group provides is invaluable, as you support our individual growth, you also scaffold our ability to reach out to others and move forward together."

Brenda Jenkins
Unlimited Power Weekend Graduate